Welcome! and a brief introduction...
Body & Spirit Whisperer ... One who walks between the worlds to help you with yours.  I was trained to work with spirit and equally  with emotions, with energy and with the physical body (as a Remedial Massage Therapist).


Below are a random selection of things people have asked me to help them with...

Would you like to bring something or someone into your world (manifest)

or ...

have something that no longer serves you leave? (demanifestation)


 Do you wish to fulfill your heart's desire?


Do you feel stuck and need energy healing to get you flowing again?

Are you are depleted and require a Healing, a Journey or Reiki / Seichim or ... to refill your well?

Are you are entrapped by outdated beliefs and repeating patterns that run your world?

Do you suffer depression or anxiety?

Do you suffer from headaches and or backache?

Do you are have relationship difficulties either in your personal life or workplace?

Who do you want to be?

 These are all circumstances I can help you to change  and much much more (if that is your desire) - for we can all manifest and demanifest. Whether we get what we desire is about how consciously we do it - and this is how I can help you!

 How?  These are one to one sessions that begin with enquiring "what is going on for you right now".   As you speak I watch where the energy goes and where it does not go.  When I have an understanding I focus my sight to identify what you require and do the energetic work to support you to make the change or take the action you need today.

Experience has shown that about 50% of you will feel the change instantaneously or within the next five minutes. The remainder of you will notice change appearing over the next one to two weeks.
Some pharmaceutical drugs block your ability to feel it but the change happens anyway - be sure to look for it as it manifests in your changing circumstances.


Are you ready to consciously take your own self-responsive affirmative action?
Then take it now and contact me.

... time is passing Do IT NOW

ph 0425411545

All sessions can be taken in-person or from the privacy of your mobile phone or by skype.


Email Text or call to book your session on Phone, Skype or Viber.
Ph /txt +61 425411545 
Wednesday, Thursday,  Friday & Saturday
8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
Skype;   satya.bodywhisperer

I'm looking forward to assisting you with your Life's Growth & Wellness.

Lets talk soon


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Satya is a versatile energy healer who addresses the physical, energetic, emotional, mental aspects that are causal or contributory or are result of the condition you have come for - your true holistic healing potential! He offers remote or distance sessions by phone, skype or viber and is based in Far North Queensland, Australia. He specialises in Reiki healing, healing old injuries, healing an old injury, shamanic healing, energy healing, emotional healing and chakra healing. www.healingwithin.com.au

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