29 Jan

Do you know how often you have urinated today???

I used to ask clients “have you drunk enough water today?

But now I’m more likely to ask “Do you know how often you have urinated today?

What colour was your urine?

How did it smell?     Intimate questions to ask BUT…

I changed my line of enquiry because … 80% of clients who came to see me in my practice were dehydrated – of those, most thought they drank sufficient fluids (including two who reported they drank only coffee 3- 4 cups a day).

I first detect that level of dehydration by people having a sense of dryness about them on arrival. Enquiry will tell me more and touch will confirm insufficient fluid in the cells.

Other than urine how else do we determine that we are not drinking enough water? Such common symptoms as dry or hot lips (good business for lip salve /gloss sellers), feeling too hot or dry, skin dry / warm / scaly; press your thumb into a large muscle and the dent takes a long time to fill out again or constipation. Some of these symptoms have other causes however it is productive to explore your water intake first as the treatment is immediate and cheap.

Some correct answers to the questions might be –

–          Urinating 6 to 10 times a day depending upon the weather and temperature or if you are in air conditioning.

–          Yellow first time in the morning and clear the rest of the day.

–          Detectable odour first time in the morning and odourless the rest of the day.

–          If you take multi /B vitamins this will mean your urine is yellow for more of the day.

So now you have some guidelines to compare yourself with let us explore some questions.

“I don’t like the tap water what can I drink?” This depends upon your resources. I personally find most municipal tap waters disgusting in taste so I bought a reverse osmosis three stage purifier which produces a sweet tasting about 99.9% pure water. Both reverse osmosis and distilled water can be bought in bulk in supermarkets and tastes so much better than the readily available ‘bottled water’ or tap water.

I don’t have access to the pure waters yet what else can I do? I add an amount of apple juice, 50% tastes like apple, 25% is sour, 10% is often enough to change the taste of the tap waters.

I keep drinking but it seems to go right through me straight away. I add some apple juice as above or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or similar. This then takes time to ‘digest’ and passes through the body slower. If this did not work I would consult an acupuncturist.

When is the best time to drink my fluids? I start my day with up to three large glasses of pure water, it has enough time to absorb and to pass through before breakfast and leaving to work. I then pace myself through the day, drinking at least a litre before lunch. Then the rest of the day I drink more ‘according to feeling’ consuming at least another liter on an average day and up to another three 1/2 litres on a hot day (I’m 70kg). I taper off my liquid consumption in the evening so that I receive a sound night’s sleep without having to awaken to empty the bladder.

Some people say “I don’t get thirsty”. My solution is to carry a water bottle(s). When I have finished one I start on the next and so on. Counting gives me an awareness how much I have actually consumed before dehydration sets in.

What about other drinks like coffee and tea, beer? Do they count in the water consumption picture? I consider that a cup of coffee equals an extra glass and a half, a cup of strong tea or a beer an extra glass of water to drink to make up the daily ‘healthy water consumption’.

How do I know I have it right? Observe frequency, colour and odour of my urine.

How does any of this relate to me coming to see you for therapy? In extreme cases I may not massage, use cross-fiber techniques or energy techniques on a dehydrated person because they simply will not work because a dehydrated muscle will not release. (I had three of these last year). AND as a responsible professional therapist I have to send them home because even using gentle efflourage techniques could make them very sick from the toxin release that day and for the three days that followed.

Innerwork, energywork and physical massage techniques all release your bodies’ ‘inner tension’, muscles relax, cellular tension decreases and you feel released, relaxed and wonderful. With this release body toxins that have been stored in the cells come back into the bloodstream and begin to circulate around the body. In an ideal world one I would drink at least 2-3 glasses after a session and more than usual for the next day or so. This allows the body to easily and effortlessly release these toxins out through the bladder or by perspiration continuing to enhance the benefits of the session.

What if I forget? The usual symptoms of insufficient water begin some hours after a session and continue into the next day. They are headaches, body ache all over and feeling lousy, to the extreme which is giddiness and loss of balance.

I forgot. I feel lousy. What do I do now? My quickest response is to drink two to three large glasses of water, (preferably warm as it absorbs quicker) and continue to drink a large glass regularly until (a) I am passing a lot of clear urine and (b) symptoms subside. I may also decide to take a bath in warm water to assist elimination through my skin once I am passing lots of clear urine.

I suggest to you that effectively managing your water intake will potentially prevent acidic degenerative conditions in your body.

Aim to drink at least 1 litre of water per 20kgs of your body weight and watch the colour of your urine – it is a good guide!.

Satya the BodyWhisperer

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