10 Oct

Scarlet’s sharings

I had come to a place where I had to acknowledge I wasn’t having the life experience I wanted. I wanted to be happy and grateful for what I did have, but my attention was focused on negativity and lack. I believed I was missing out on key life experiences that others seemed to get easily (e.g., a stable home environment, a partner/intimate relationship/good health/a job), and no matter how many good things happened in my life, and no matter how much I practised gratitude for them, I could not overcome the belief that I had missed out. This feeling went all the way back to my childhood. These negative thoughts were really getting in the way of me appreciating life, and were affecting my health especially.

I had three phone consultations with Satya over a week-long period, and I experienced extraordinary changes in my thinking and have been able to implement changes in my life. Satya psychically read the deeper reasons for my blockages and cleared out the debris. He didn’t dwell on my story or entertain my mind with the reasons, he just cleared it out! Sometimes I can feel him working, but it isn’t necessary to feel anything for it to work. The results just speak for themselves!

What I have noticed in particular is a new openness to finding solutions that can help shift me away from my old thought processes to a new way of thinking where I can more easily turn off my inner critic and tune in to something else. Before receiving the healings, my inner critic could run for days or weeks unchecked, doing untold damage. It was even running in my sleep! Since working with Satya, I have become incredibly committed to my own healing, and feel more empowered to take action instead of being overwhelmed by challenges to healing. I have been taking bold and determined steps, and finding greater capacity to surrender and trust, which has been perhaps my greatest challenge.

Yes, it’s radical, especially for people who retreat to the safety of the mind and want tangible and real evidence of what is happening, but it works, and has been an excellent complement to the other therapies I currently receive. It has freed my mind and my body so I can do the work and get results.

10 Oct

Maria’s sharing

For me, for quite some years now, I’ve been determined to retrieve all of my natural energy. This focus has put me on a path where I’ve needed to connect with many healing professionals from both the allopathic and the alternative fields.

Working with Satya has been really amazing. I consider myself incredibly blessed to be living in these times where we can avail ourselves of such ancient yet cutting-edge healing modalities. Energy healing combined with broad-ranging shamanic, psychic and intuitive practices form the backbone of Satya’s work. He has the ability to see energetically what the rest of us don’t see.

Satya is a delight to collaborate with; its very easy to feel an immediate sense of trust, respect, safety and competency. He’s been doing this work, both here in Australia, and in India, for decades now. He describes his role as a Relationships Therapist: he addresses your physical self and your inner self as well as your relationships with others. In addition to working with energy medicine, he works with advanced massage therapy and is a professional psychic. For those of us on the path of restoring our full health, including greater self-empowerment, having such competent support and assistance to release the underlying tensions using the elegant simplicity of energy, is life-changing.

Once the energy blockage is identified, he is then able to clear the client’s personal field of these impediments to wellbeing. Very often, I can feel an immediate relief from the discomfort or pain that I’ve been previously living with, sometimes for many years. The shift may take longer, days or weeks, but it does come and with it comes a greater lightness of being. This lightness produces more available life force for me.
This work is profound. It is also transformative. Life will never be the same again!

09 Oct

Energy Protection and Energetic Support

“Prior to my trip to India I asked Satya to create energy protection as a girlfriend and I were travelling by ourselves.

Well,  the result was truly amazing. Being interested in exploring different cultures, I ventured many times into markets on my own where I found myself unexpectedly the only Caucasian amongst 1000s of people, pressed tightly together and many of them men.

Not once during that or similar scenarios, whilst travelling through the country (trains, buses & including when I got lost on one occasion and found myself wandering alone through the streets at dusk), was I treated with anything but kindness, respect and help. In all my travels I have never felt so safe and looked after so well by so many strangers.

It was a palpable difference and I thank you Satya very much.  May 20 2015

There are many ways in which I can help you to make changes in how others perceive you to be supportive of you.