03 Feb

Massage at Mareeba Markets, Tolga Markets, “ Taking my Unique Skills to the Bush” with Satya the BodyWhisperer.

In my second apprenticeship of five and a half years in India I regularly kept the company of my mentors Mohan and Shankar, Medicine Babas – travelling traditional medicine men. By example they taught me the importance of being available where people who need us can find us – in the community  – markets, local fairs and festivals.

For the past four and a half years I have been following in this tradition in Cairns and its Northern Beaches and Atherton Tablelands.

I am available on Atherton Tablelands on the second weekend of the month
Second Friday of each month I book mobile visits 10am to 6.30pm to Mareeba / Atherton.
Second Saturday at Mareeba Markets to Midday.
Second Sundays at The Healing Space in Atherton 8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm.

I am available the remainder of the month at my Practice in Trinity Beach, Tues – Saturday.
Palm Cove Markets first Sunday of the month
Festival of Yorkey’s Knob 17th June 2017
Body, Mind and Spirit Festival at Tanks Markets Cairns  Sunday 25th June 2017.

Most folk I treat at the markets begin with asking for massage or a relaxation session and discover in addition to that the treatment I can assist them with the much deeper opportunity of assisting in resolution of old unresolved pain”.

I’m offering oil-free, 15 minute (a taste), 30 minute (a gentle relax )or 45 minute ( much deeper benefit) – all very releasing sessions on either massage chair or massage table.  Should you want a more thorough treatment a full 90minute session can be booked after the market or on another day.

I also offer scar releasing treatments using hemp oil and cupping for those with white, red, painful or numb scars or stretch marks – old unresolved scars.

Do take tthis opportunity to enjoy the markets, come and meet me, have a session and receive the deeper benefit of a relaxing day at the markets and a relaxing therapy session!

How may I help you?

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