03 Feb

Massage at Mareeba Markets, Tolga Markets, “ Taking my Unique Skills to the Bush” with Satya the BodyWhisperer.

In my second apprenticeship of five and a half years in India I regularly kept the company of my mentors Mohan and Shankar, Medicine Babas – travelling traditional medicine men. By example they taught me the importance of being available where people who need us can find us – in the community  – markets, local fairs and festivals.

For the past four and a half years I have been following in this tradition in Cairns and its Northern Beaches and Atherton Tablelands.

I am available on Atherton Tablelands on the second weekend of the month
Second Friday of each month I book mobile visits 10am to 6.30pm to Mareeba / Atherton.
Second Saturday at Mareeba Markets to Midday.
Second Sundays at The Healing Space in Atherton 8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm.

I am available the remainder of the month at my Practice in Trinity Beach, Tues – Saturday.
Palm Cove Markets first Sunday of the month
Festival of Yorkey’s Knob 17th June 2017
Body, Mind and Spirit Festival at Tanks Markets Cairns  Sunday 25th June 2017.

Most folk I treat at the markets begin with asking for massage or a relaxation session and discover in addition to that the treatment I can assist them with the much deeper opportunity of assisting in resolution of old unresolved pain”.

I’m offering oil-free, 15 minute (a taste), 30 minute (a gentle relax )or 45 minute ( much deeper benefit) – all very releasing sessions on either massage chair or massage table.  Should you want a more thorough treatment a full 90minute session can be booked after the market or on another day.

I also offer scar releasing treatments using hemp oil and cupping for those with white, red, painful or numb scars or stretch marks – old unresolved scars.

Do take tthis opportunity to enjoy the markets, come and meet me, have a session and receive the deeper benefit of a relaxing day at the markets and a relaxing therapy session!

How may I help you?

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24 Jan

Attracting the ‘One’

The big Question … How to find the perfect partner, your ideal partner, a conscious partner or a life partner?
There is a common denominator – whatever it is we emanate is what they respond to and what they emanate is what we respond to. (remember ‘love at first sight’ or ‘having a feeling for someone”)

But what availability, what does this actually mean for you personally?

What would it look like if you found it in a man, a woman or yourself?

Does availability to you just mean a man or woman who is not married/partnered/committed to another woman or man? or does it mean

Heart available?

Geographically available? (e.g. live in the same city / suburb verses distance romances)

Intellectually available?

Sensually available?

Sexually available?

and Trust Availability

What are the availabilities that are important to you? Make a list in preparation for your session.

The best way to determine what wasn’t available and what you want available is history.
Make a list in preparation for your session.

To do the change and no longer repeat the repeating patterns of the past. I can help you.

I suggest to you that if you wish to attract an available man you too must either hold or embody  THE AVAILABILITY IN YOU. (remember “The Law of Attraction”) and “Be the change you want to see in the world”

When you consciously create those availabilities in you then you radiate “I am available to available men or women with these characteristics…    (and I am energetically congruent with these characteristics)  these are the men or women who are then attracted to you and you to them. This is attracting, being the beacon and choosing an available man or woman with specific qualities.

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This is what Mary texted me the day after a session

“Hey Satya, That was a big shift yesterday as when I went out today everyone on the street was looking at me and I’m underdressed for a Newtown character, believe me, so it’s the energy I’m holding not what I’m wearing.”

We live in an age that is ‘fast’ where we don’t want to spend years looking for “Mr or Ms Right” or “The One”. We often use internet dating or agencies to assist us to meet him or her much sooner and have more enjoyable years together. The work I do with women, with men, (with couples when you get together) can assist you too to choose to attract the available men who you wish to attract.  I can help you.

What I am offering you is an opportunity to refine / fast forward you to where your dream is being fulfilled.

 I can do help you with these processes wherever you are in the world  using phone/ skype / whatsapp.
My phone number +61 0425 411 545  If you are ready Call me now.
… If you are not ready Call me now and I’ll assist to come into readiness ph +61 0425 411 545.


Satya, Life Growth Coach, Clairvoyant, Advanced Intuitive, Body and SpiritWhisperer

“I am so glad to have discovered your healing ways.

The improvements I have felt to my core are quite remarkable. In one session in the space of 10 minutes, I gained insight into my psyche that would have taken many months in therapy to achieve.

I can also say that without your help my marriage would not be the wonderful union it is today. At a time when we were very close to permanent separation, you brought us back together.

I have recommended you to so many people and my new gift to friends is a session with you (what a gift).

Thank you.

10 Oct

Scarlet’s sharings

I had come to a place where I had to acknowledge I wasn’t having the life experience I wanted. I wanted to be happy and grateful for what I did have, but my attention was focused on negativity and lack. I believed I was missing out on key life experiences that others seemed to get easily (e.g., a stable home environment, a partner/intimate relationship/good health/a job), and no matter how many good things happened in my life, and no matter how much I practised gratitude for them, I could not overcome the belief that I had missed out. This feeling went all the way back to my childhood. These negative thoughts were really getting in the way of me appreciating life, and were affecting my health especially.

I had three phone consultations with Satya over a week-long period, and I experienced extraordinary changes in my thinking and have been able to implement changes in my life. Satya psychically read the deeper reasons for my blockages and cleared out the debris. He didn’t dwell on my story or entertain my mind with the reasons, he just cleared it out! Sometimes I can feel him working, but it isn’t necessary to feel anything for it to work. The results just speak for themselves!

What I have noticed in particular is a new openness to finding solutions that can help shift me away from my old thought processes to a new way of thinking where I can more easily turn off my inner critic and tune in to something else. Before receiving the healings, my inner critic could run for days or weeks unchecked, doing untold damage. It was even running in my sleep! Since working with Satya, I have become incredibly committed to my own healing, and feel more empowered to take action instead of being overwhelmed by challenges to healing. I have been taking bold and determined steps, and finding greater capacity to surrender and trust, which has been perhaps my greatest challenge.

Yes, it’s radical, especially for people who retreat to the safety of the mind and want tangible and real evidence of what is happening, but it works, and has been an excellent complement to the other therapies I currently receive. It has freed my mind and my body so I can do the work and get results.

10 Oct

Maria’s sharing

For me, for quite some years now, I’ve been determined to retrieve all of my natural energy. This focus has put me on a path where I’ve needed to connect with many healing professionals from both the allopathic and the alternative fields.

Working with Satya has been really amazing. I consider myself incredibly blessed to be living in these times where we can avail ourselves of such ancient yet cutting-edge healing modalities. Energy healing combined with broad-ranging shamanic, psychic and intuitive practices form the backbone of Satya’s work. He has the ability to see energetically what the rest of us don’t see.

Satya is a delight to collaborate with; its very easy to feel an immediate sense of trust, respect, safety and competency. He’s been doing this work, both here in Australia, and in India, for decades now. He describes his role as a Relationships Therapist: he addresses your physical self and your inner self as well as your relationships with others. In addition to working with energy medicine, he works with advanced massage therapy and is a professional psychic. For those of us on the path of restoring our full health, including greater self-empowerment, having such competent support and assistance to release the underlying tensions using the elegant simplicity of energy, is life-changing.

Once the energy blockage is identified, he is then able to clear the client’s personal field of these impediments to wellbeing. Very often, I can feel an immediate relief from the discomfort or pain that I’ve been previously living with, sometimes for many years. The shift may take longer, days or weeks, but it does come and with it comes a greater lightness of being. This lightness produces more available life force for me.
This work is profound. It is also transformative. Life will never be the same again!

09 Oct

Energy Protection and Energetic Support

“Prior to my trip to India I asked Satya to create energy protection as a girlfriend and I were travelling by ourselves.

Well,  the result was truly amazing. Being interested in exploring different cultures, I ventured many times into markets on my own where I found myself unexpectedly the only Caucasian amongst 1000s of people, pressed tightly together and many of them men.

Not once during that or similar scenarios, whilst travelling through the country (trains, buses & including when I got lost on one occasion and found myself wandering alone through the streets at dusk), was I treated with anything but kindness, respect and help. In all my travels I have never felt so safe and looked after so well by so many strangers.

It was a palpable difference and I thank you Satya very much.  May 20 2015

There are many ways in which I can help you to make changes in how others perceive you to be supportive of you.

29 Jan

Do you know how often you have urinated today???

I used to ask clients “have you drunk enough water today?

But now I’m more likely to ask “Do you know how often you have urinated today?

What colour was your urine?

How did it smell?     Intimate questions to ask BUT…

I changed my line of enquiry because … 80% of clients who came to see me in my practice were dehydrated – of those, most thought they drank sufficient fluids (including two who reported they drank only coffee 3- 4 cups a day).

I first detect that level of dehydration by people having a sense of dryness about them on arrival. Enquiry will tell me more and touch will confirm insufficient fluid in the cells.

Other than urine how else do we determine that we are not drinking enough water? Such common symptoms as dry or hot lips (good business for lip salve /gloss sellers), feeling too hot or dry, skin dry / warm / scaly; press your thumb into a large muscle and the dent takes a long time to fill out again or constipation. Some of these symptoms have other causes however it is productive to explore your water intake first as the treatment is immediate and cheap.

Some correct answers to the questions might be –

–          Urinating 6 to 10 times a day depending upon the weather and temperature or if you are in air conditioning.

–          Yellow first time in the morning and clear the rest of the day.

–          Detectable odour first time in the morning and odourless the rest of the day.

–          If you take multi /B vitamins this will mean your urine is yellow for more of the day.

So now you have some guidelines to compare yourself with let us explore some questions.

“I don’t like the tap water what can I drink?” This depends upon your resources. I personally find most municipal tap waters disgusting in taste so I bought a reverse osmosis three stage purifier which produces a sweet tasting about 99.9% pure water. Both reverse osmosis and distilled water can be bought in bulk in supermarkets and tastes so much better than the readily available ‘bottled water’ or tap water.

I don’t have access to the pure waters yet what else can I do? I add an amount of apple juice, 50% tastes like apple, 25% is sour, 10% is often enough to change the taste of the tap waters.

I keep drinking but it seems to go right through me straight away. I add some apple juice as above or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or similar. This then takes time to ‘digest’ and passes through the body slower. If this did not work I would consult an acupuncturist.

When is the best time to drink my fluids? I start my day with up to three large glasses of pure water, it has enough time to absorb and to pass through before breakfast and leaving to work. I then pace myself through the day, drinking at least a litre before lunch. Then the rest of the day I drink more ‘according to feeling’ consuming at least another liter on an average day and up to another three 1/2 litres on a hot day (I’m 70kg). I taper off my liquid consumption in the evening so that I receive a sound night’s sleep without having to awaken to empty the bladder.

Some people say “I don’t get thirsty”. My solution is to carry a water bottle(s). When I have finished one I start on the next and so on. Counting gives me an awareness how much I have actually consumed before dehydration sets in.

What about other drinks like coffee and tea, beer? Do they count in the water consumption picture? I consider that a cup of coffee equals an extra glass and a half, a cup of strong tea or a beer an extra glass of water to drink to make up the daily ‘healthy water consumption’.

How do I know I have it right? Observe frequency, colour and odour of my urine.

How does any of this relate to me coming to see you for therapy? In extreme cases I may not massage, use cross-fiber techniques or energy techniques on a dehydrated person because they simply will not work because a dehydrated muscle will not release. (I had three of these last year). AND as a responsible professional therapist I have to send them home because even using gentle efflourage techniques could make them very sick from the toxin release that day and for the three days that followed.

Innerwork, energywork and physical massage techniques all release your bodies’ ‘inner tension’, muscles relax, cellular tension decreases and you feel released, relaxed and wonderful. With this release body toxins that have been stored in the cells come back into the bloodstream and begin to circulate around the body. In an ideal world one I would drink at least 2-3 glasses after a session and more than usual for the next day or so. This allows the body to easily and effortlessly release these toxins out through the bladder or by perspiration continuing to enhance the benefits of the session.

What if I forget? The usual symptoms of insufficient water begin some hours after a session and continue into the next day. They are headaches, body ache all over and feeling lousy, to the extreme which is giddiness and loss of balance.

I forgot. I feel lousy. What do I do now? My quickest response is to drink two to three large glasses of water, (preferably warm as it absorbs quicker) and continue to drink a large glass regularly until (a) I am passing a lot of clear urine and (b) symptoms subside. I may also decide to take a bath in warm water to assist elimination through my skin once I am passing lots of clear urine.

I suggest to you that effectively managing your water intake will potentially prevent acidic degenerative conditions in your body.

Aim to drink at least 1 litre of water per 20kgs of your body weight and watch the colour of your urine – it is a good guide!.

Satya the BodyWhisperer

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Satya is a versatile energy healer that does remote and distance sessions in person (Trinity Beach) by phone or skype and is based in Australia. He specialises in Reiki healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, emotional healing and chakra healing.

22 Nov

Have you taken space for YOURSELF today?

Have you taken space for YOURSELF TODAY?

I mean real space for you

I mean time out from everybody else

I mean ‘just with you’

 being or doing something ‘just for you’


…and if you have, did you take enough?


Culturally most of us have been taught to serve others first (and second and third) with no thought of keeping our own well full. This is why the “west” has such high levels of adrenal exhaustion.

I suggest to you that it is of utmost importance that we keep out own well full so that it is from it’s overflow that we can serve others and that this is our goal. Being in this state will then allow us to stay in our own flow and support others as well i.e. our work, our family and our wider community.

This small awareness raiser is to remind you to pause, take stock as to wheather you have taken sufficient space for yourself today and if you have not to do so.

Some of you will take note and self-manage easily, however some of you may be workaholics, stuck somewhere and need some professional support. I am available to help you – give me a call on +61425411545 or email me on the form provided.








Satya is a versatile energy healer that does remote and distance sessions by phone or skype and is based in Australia. He specialises in Reiki healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, emotional healing and chakra healing. ph 0425411545

14 Nov

Making my first Shaman’s Rattle

this is the type of clay pot I used...

this is the type of clay pot I used…


One of the early “makings” Medicine Crow gave me as his apprentice was to make myself a rattle. (Rattles can shift energy really quickly when used in shamanic practice. ) It is quite usual to have a number of rattles, each with its own qualities being used for different purposes as one works with healing within. I resonated with the qualities of one of his, a rawhide rattle filled with stones and felt to make one of this type for myself. 

   At the time I was in short supply of rawhide until nature presented me with the opportunity to find a road kill to skin, soak until the outer hair slipped (smelly business) and then make the rattle. For now I decided to make one with a clay pot instead (source for these below). In his clear instructions Crow had told me to select one thousand antstones for the rattle.

When terrestrial ants build a nest, they carry out one ant tunnel sized stones and soil in varying sizes as they dig, carry them upwards and deposit them around the area surrounding their ‘front door’. I sat for some time with his instructions as the guidance came in and I felt a growing attraction to meat ant stones. (Also the other ant nests I inspected to date the ants seemed to only carry out soil and no stones.)  My feeling was for either quartz or ironstone antstones and to find them I would go out bush to my country and choose an area that had that type of geology and the right energetic feeling.

   The day came when I had the space from every day life to take a trip back to my country. Once I was there I kept a lookout for a suitable meat ant nest. I found it on a hot dry summer afternoon about 1pm on a bitumen roadside in full summer sun. Being no time like the present to start I set to collecting suitable ironstone antstones on the edge of the mound – being not sure when I would pass that way again.
MEAT ANTS NEST, SATYA, shaman's rattle, shaman, shamanism
   Meat ants are quite possessive of their home mound and before long scouts came out to check me out and then soldiers began to appear as I perspired profusely whilst selecting and counting antstones.  At a point in time it became obvious that the ants wished me to move on,  so I did – to another quadrant of the mound. …and then it dawned on me that I had not asked the ant’s permission to collect their stones. Coming to a halt with that recognition, I asked the ants their permission – isn’t communication a wonderful thing. And so I continued collecting antstones and perspiring the the blazing summer sun until I had enough. One thousand meat ant stones is quite a large volume of stones – far more than it takes to make a rattle. I made the clay rattle and had lots left over for a rawhide rattle.
 This one thousand antstones for a rattle bit had me a confused – perhaps where crow came from the ants were smaller and carried up smaller stones?
 I resolved to ask him more about this process and why one one has to collect thousand stones for a rattle.
One day I took the opportunity…
His reply – practicing the quality of PATIENCE!
shaman, rattle, satya, bodywhisperer
 And so the learning for me in this was “it pays to Ask Questions! “
And so in life or if you are Journeying do remember to “Ask Questions”.
To purchase an excellent clay pot (wetpot), ask them about purchasing extras.
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Satya is a versatile and skilled Distance BodyWhisperer who does in person sessions in Trinity Beach as well as remote and distance sessions by phone or skype and is based in Australia. He specialises in Bodywork, Massage, Reiki healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, emotional healing and chakra healing.
05 Sep

How do you hold yourself?

Since very young I have observed people and how they are – their body shape, how they hold themselves, their aura, how their energy flows in their body and where it does & doesn’t flow.

This day as I sat and observed through my car windscreen people in the street walking past.

I observed…

A man and woman in their late 20’s walking past in conversation. What in particular took my attention was the woman and the combination of that she was very very large breasted and she walked very upright with a sense of unconcernedness as they chatted and walked. (There was not the self-consciousness or the stooping / round shoulders that I often see in women who are large breasted.)

I noted how she stood and how she held herself – upright and relaxed.

Clairvoyantly I asked “What does she hold?” What makes her special or different?

I looked at how she was energetically and her energy flow. I was inspired by what I saw.

I saw how her energy flowed down her spine where other people generally don’t.

How she was grounded energetically in her masculine to her ‘innerverse’ at 80% of her potential and that she held “Faith in her trust in God” and a number of other things energetically that I have seen only once before in an Originie Man in the documentary movie Kanyini.

I was shown that what she holds will keep her spine healthy in old age.

For me as a BodyWhisperer this is stunning information that I can share with others – my clients and take them to where they hold this also.

And me… I hold this now too and more as I saw, the more I to developed it to further my Good Health and Wellbeing now and in my future.

You would like to hold this too? Now to hold your poise and for spinal health in old age?

Send me a message / make an appointment for an evaluation and action session on 0425411545!



Satya is a versatile energy healer that does remote and distance sessions by phone or skype and is based in Australia. He specialises in Reiki healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, emotional healing and chakra healing.


P.S. Like to do your own research watch Kanyini. Take particular note of the archival footage.


30 May

superiority/inferiority inner dialogues

BEACH 6.11.12 022.R jpg


Today’s Pearl:

Why do we seem to flow with some relationships at home, at work, at play and challenged by others?

I see many different causes as I work with clients, however today I’m focusing on a particular set of inner dialogues that many of us run.

It’s the inner stories we run in our subconscious that “drive the bus” – create the framework of our behavior.

This can play havoc with our boyfiend/girlfriend, partner/partner, or husband wife relationships.

Today the focus is on Female superiority, male superiority, female inferiority, male inferiority, Feminine superiority, masculine superiority, feminine inferiority, masculine inferiority.

I have seen that we may run any combination of these as we move in and out of our masculine and feminine in the many roles we have in daily life.

I suggest that the optimal place to come from is ‘masculine / feminine equality’ , feminine / masculine & ‘male / female, female /  male equality’ where both are regarded as equal and different in their own way and that our own inner masculine and feminine are in agreement.

Balancing this can bring about dramatic changes in our relationships.

Need some help?

Give me a call – send a text 0425411545  or if you are international Viber +61425411545   Skype   satya.medicine.baba


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