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Physical Conditions… Distance BodyWhispering

Release Relax Rejuvenate & Regenerate – are the key experiences in BodyWhispering.

I can assist your body to release, relax rejuvenate and regenerate as I release the accumulated or stuck life’s stresses allowing you to feel so much lighter, more flexible and feeling energised.

Cellular memory is the storehouse of all our life’s experiences, patterns, beliefs, emotions and reactions less what we have released during our life. It is the shock, trauma and the life-consuming aspects that seem remain in cellular memory that causes of the various types of tensions, leading to stiffness aches or pain, ailments, reduced flexibility, reduced range of movement – things that have niggled you in everyday life.

Satya healingwithin gently remedial massage therapy 1cut downIt is cellular memory I primarily work with when I do distance BodyWhispering through the unique synthesis of a number of modalities and life’s practical experience (34 years) which utilizes my Psychic / Clairvoyant Insight and Perception to ‘read’ the cellular memory, to release the non-harmonious aspects stored there that are “working against your harmony” (A nice way of describing a stiffness or pain?) and to strengthen the aspects that support you to activate and harmonize muscles, nerves, fascia, organs etc. resulting in a well rounded, complete, Holistic Treatment that will release your tensions, release anxiety, relax you to the max, rejuvenate formerly inactive muscles (quite common) releasing of chronic pain, old aches and stiffness.

This leads to stimulating regeneration, as fascia releases and resets, muscles plump up with blood now they are activated and nerve pathways function better. This translates in your experience as being expressed as better sleep, increased ranges of movement, greater flexibility, greater types of movement availability (take up a new sport or hobby?), greater vitality and most of all you are feeling comfortable and relaxed in yourself.

A question people occasionally ask “But I had a very physical accident where my body was bruised / broken or had surgery – does it still work?”

The answer is “yes” because:

For our body everything is in ‘Here Now’ status, so it believes the injury is right now as-it-is-happening (still, even after 30/40/50/60 years etc). All injury we intellectually know is from the past. But the body has retained it in cellular memory and it is still in here now. So I am my role is “deleting the files” allowing you to move on.

Then I address muscle wasting, neural underfunctioning etc.

Distance BodyWhispering for physical conditions is characteristically performed with you relaxed, sitting or lying comfortably with a glass of warm water at hand and your attention with your phone / computor  while I do the work.

A typical session begins with:

(1) you telling me what is happening for you

(2) what you feel and where you feel it

(3) when and how often

I will take notes.

I specifically note unusual aspects such as one sided, only when relaxed, a certain time of day, only at work.

I will ask you some questions to clarify some aspects or for more information.

I review your previous session to check for changes, new sensations that have appeared, sensations that have disappeared and check your changes in range of movement /aches /pain etc.

Then I tell you I will go quiet for awhile and move into looking at your cellular memory of the deeper causes of your physical symptoms and work with them.

About 50% of clients feel sensations in their body while I do this.

Sometimes I will ask you to stand, to make certain movements or go for a walk in a straight line or a circle to evaluate or ‘move energetic change through into the physical’ or further activate what has been done or to evaluate efficiency of change so far.

At the end of your session I will ask you to evaluate change that happens in the session through (1) changes in range of movement (2) changes in sensation (felt or not felt) (3) changes in how you feel emotionally (4) Changes in ache / pain / sensation on a 1 to 10 scale just the same way I would if you were seeing me in person.

One of the really big advantages of receiving Physical BodyWhispering is that I often see and shift things that other therapists who only work physically do not see and thus do not address.

There is a way you can experience, that release, that flexibility in your body that BodyWhispering brings – make yourself an appointment today and have your own experience – the sooner you have your session the sooner you begin the Rejuvenation and the Regeneration).

I am as close as a phone call now to book your Session for

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday 
  • 8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm or 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • Via Ph skype or viber 0425411545


Blessings and Wellness to your regenerating you.



      Our life expectancy is about 90 years – choose choice and let it be an energised, flexible, limber self-regenerating 90 years!


Here is a sharing from Julia who did!

“I REALLY want to thank you for the treatment you gave me. It definitely shifted something that has been there a long time. My sacral area feels lighter and looser and my posture seems to have improved. The heaviness and inflexibility of that pelvic area has resisted all other work, so what you do is definitely extremely powerful”

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Satya is a versatile and skilled Distance BodyWhisperer who does in person sessions in Trinity Beach as well as remote and distance sessions by phone or skype and is based in Australia. He specialises in Bodywork, Massage, Reiki healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, emotional healing and chakra healing.

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Testimonials of a Body and Spirit Whisperer

“I REALLY want to thank you for the treatment you gave me. It definitely shifted something that has been there a long time. My sacral area feels lighter and looser and my posture seems to have improved. The heaviness and inflexibility of that pelvic area has resisted all other work, so what you do is definitely extremely powerful.”

Maria, aged 50


“I feel incredibly expanded – Freeer”  “I feel incredibly empowered”  Jennie 30

“Hi Satya, I want to say thanks you for the incredible work you’ve been doing with me! ” ” I am moving in the bliss of synchronicity. Thank you thank you thank you!!! ”  Mary 32  texted me next day!

“Working with Satya, in person and on the phone, has helped me clear core fundamental blocks which kept me from being healthy and happy…and from being successful in my work life (and in fact all areas of my life).  My life has profoundly changed.  During one of my recent sessions with Satya, he opened the space for me to be able to sleep which is a huge relief…to have a deep relaxing night’s sleep.”  Rosemary age 60


“Satya helped me identify past experiences that were contributing to my debilitating headaches. Using a variety of physical and non-physical techniques he helped me shift the energy required to substantially reduce them. Continuing sessions with him have meant that I’m finally headache free.” Julie age 42


Satya’s sessions have helped me to feel freer in my movements, more relaxed and confident. I originally went to see Satya for help with mobility issues as a result of having hip replacements in my early 20s (I’m now in my late 30s). I immediately felt the benefits of his holistic perspective and caring nature as he combined massage with eye release and relaxation techniques. People now comment on how well I walk and I come away from each session in pure bliss!


One of the problem areas that I spoke to Satya about during the session was my wrist and how it had started to affect my work as a barrista.  During my working day I would often feel discomfort from my wrist, particularly when I was using the coffee machine. Over time the pain grew to the point where it could be quite distracting. However, in the first session Satya used both eyework and massage specifically for my wrist, which gave me quite a bit of relief. In the next session Satya used more in-depth eyework, which brought me to a point where I could remember a past injury that I had forgotten about. As such I was able to let go of the memories and allow the healing process to begin. After another week or so I found that I no longer had any pain in my wrist and I was able to perform to a better standard for much longer than I had been.


“Satya has an extra-ordinary combination of experience, inner wisdom and sensitivity, and continued research into the subtleties of human behavior, its balance and resultant wellness . With each treatment, he offers a personally designed healing experience using carefully selected tools from his awe inspiring range from traditional massage and nutrition, journeying, pulsing advanced energy work and more. His insightful mentoring, his ability to relax and reduce stress, to assist with dissipating fears and building self confidence have assisted me in my business, with my passion of flying, with relationships both personal and within work, and with my challengeswith rheumatoid arthritis.


Hi Satya …. very interesting things … I have certainly expereinced something diferent going on …..  On the Thursday evening of the treatment I slept very very deeply …..so you sure did something!!! ….


I wish to express my thanks and appreciation for your assistance.  From your treatments over the past few months, I am experiencing a continuous improvement within my body.  Working in construction over many years, I have sustained a wide variety of injuries and strains.  I have been pleasantly surprised on a number of occasions to have realisation that particular pain, that had been causing long-term, ongoing discomfort, is no longer there. My body pain and stiffness is being replaced by increased flexibility and range of movement.  Fred 40


“I have no discomfort in my hips and slept very deeply the night of the treatment.” Janet 65


“Things are really rolling along and I want to keep riding the wave. Let me know when your next available appointment is.”   Patrica 45


” I had come to a place where I had to acknowledge I wasn’t having the life experience I wanted.  I wanted to be happy and grateful for what I did have, but my attention was focused on negativity and lack.  I believed I was missing out on key life experiences that others seemed to get easily (e.g., a stable home environment, a partner/intimate relationship/good health/a job), and no matter how many good things happened in my life, and no matter how much I practised gratitude for them, I could not overcome the belief that I had missed out.  This feeling went all the way back to my childhood.  These negative thoughts were really getting in the way of me appreciating life, and were affecting my health especially.

I had three phone consultations with Satya over a week-long period, and I experienced extraordinary changes in my thinking and have been able to implement changes in my life. Satya psychically read the deeper reasons for my blockages and cleared out the debris.  He didn’t dwell on my story or entertain my mind with the reasons, he just got inside my body and cleared it out!  Sometimes I can feel him working, but it isn’t necessary to feel anything for it to work. The results just speak for themselves!

What I have noticed in particular is a new openness to finding solutions that can help shift me away from my old thought processes to a new way of thinking where I can more easily turn off my inner critic and tune in to something else.  Before receiving the healings, my inner critic could run for days or weeks unchecked, doing untold damage.  It was even running in my sleep!  Since working with Satya, I have become incredibly committed to my own healing, and feel more empowered to take action instead of being overwhelmed by challenges to healing.  I have been taking bold and determined steps, and finding greater capacity to surrender and trust, which has been perhaps my greatest challenge.

Yes, it’s radical, especially for people who retreat to the safety of the mind and want tangible and real evidence of what is happening, but it works, and has been an excellent complement to the other therapies I currently receive.  It has freed my mind and my body so I can do the work and get results.”  Scarlett

Each of these are from clients with a diversity of conditions who have a common thread … they come for change and received it from whatever condition they wished to change.



phone me now on +61425 411 545 0r 0425411545

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Satya is a versatile energy healer that does remote and distance sessions in person (Trinity Beach) by phone or skype and is based in Australia. He specialises in Reiki healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, emotional healing and chakra healing.