09 Oct

Energy Protection and Energetic Support

“Prior to my trip to India I asked Satya to create energy protection as a girlfriend and I were travelling by ourselves.

Well,  the result was truly amazing. Being interested in exploring different cultures, I ventured many times into markets on my own where I found myself unexpectedly the only Caucasian amongst 1000s of people, pressed tightly together and many of them men.

Not once during that or similar scenarios, whilst travelling through the country (trains, buses & including when I got lost on one occasion and found myself wandering alone through the streets at dusk), was I treated with anything but kindness, respect and help. In all my travels I have never felt so safe and looked after so well by so many strangers.

It was a palpable difference and I thank you Satya very much.  May 20 2015

There are many ways in which I can help you to make changes in how others perceive you to be supportive of you.