22 Nov

Have you taken space for YOURSELF today?

Have you taken space for YOURSELF TODAY?

I mean real space for you

I mean time out from everybody else

I mean ‘just with you’

 being or doing something ‘just for you’


…and if you have, did you take enough?


Culturally most of us have been taught to serve others first (and second and third) with no thought of keeping our own well full. This is why the “west” has such high levels of adrenal exhaustion.

I suggest to you that it is of utmost importance that we keep out own well full so that it is from it’s overflow that we can serve others and that this is our goal. Being in this state will then allow us to stay in our own flow and support others as well i.e. our work, our family and our wider community.

This small awareness raiser is to remind you to pause, take stock as to wheather you have taken sufficient space for yourself today and if you have not to do so.

Some of you will take note and self-manage easily, however some of you may be workaholics, stuck somewhere and need some professional support. I am available to help you – give me a call on +61425411545 or email me on the form provided.








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