14 Nov

Making my first Shaman’s Rattle

this is the type of clay pot I used...

this is the type of clay pot I used…


One of the early “makings” Medicine Crow gave me as his apprentice was to make myself a rattle. (Rattles can shift energy really quickly when used in shamanic practice. ) It is quite usual to have a number of rattles, each with its own qualities being used for different purposes as one works with healing within. I resonated with the qualities of one of his, a rawhide rattle filled with stones and felt to make one of this type for myself. 

   At the time I was in short supply of rawhide until nature presented me with the opportunity to find a road kill to skin, soak until the outer hair slipped (smelly business) and then make the rattle. For now I decided to make one with a clay pot instead (source for these below). In his clear instructions Crow had told me to select one thousand antstones for the rattle.

When terrestrial ants build a nest, they carry out one ant tunnel sized stones and soil in varying sizes as they dig, carry them upwards and deposit them around the area surrounding their ‘front door’. I sat for some time with his instructions as the guidance came in and I felt a growing attraction to meat ant stones. (Also the other ant nests I inspected to date the ants seemed to only carry out soil and no stones.)  My feeling was for either quartz or ironstone antstones and to find them I would go out bush to my country and choose an area that had that type of geology and the right energetic feeling.

   The day came when I had the space from every day life to take a trip back to my country. Once I was there I kept a lookout for a suitable meat ant nest. I found it on a hot dry summer afternoon about 1pm on a bitumen roadside in full summer sun. Being no time like the present to start I set to collecting suitable ironstone antstones on the edge of the mound – being not sure when I would pass that way again.
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   Meat ants are quite possessive of their home mound and before long scouts came out to check me out and then soldiers began to appear as I perspired profusely whilst selecting and counting antstones.  At a point in time it became obvious that the ants wished me to move on,  so I did – to another quadrant of the mound. …and then it dawned on me that I had not asked the ant’s permission to collect their stones. Coming to a halt with that recognition, I asked the ants their permission – isn’t communication a wonderful thing. And so I continued collecting antstones and perspiring the the blazing summer sun until I had enough. One thousand meat ant stones is quite a large volume of stones – far more than it takes to make a rattle. I made the clay rattle and had lots left over for a rawhide rattle.
 This one thousand antstones for a rattle bit had me a confused – perhaps where crow came from the ants were smaller and carried up smaller stones?
 I resolved to ask him more about this process and why one one has to collect thousand stones for a rattle.
One day I took the opportunity…
His reply – practicing the quality of PATIENCE!
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 And so the learning for me in this was “it pays to Ask Questions! “
And so in life or if you are Journeying do remember to “Ask Questions”.
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