Psychic & Clairvoyant Healing with Satya
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Life Growth Coaching Session

Life Growth Coaching with Satya
Being Clairvoyant allows me to see or  do “Readings” that are specific to what is going on for you right now on the issue, event or coaching you desire in addition to information you give me. They are about seeing what are the causes, patterns, beliefs, inner stories and habits that have caused you to be where you are and to “shift them” for you so you can move forward to your goals.  They are equally about assisting you to create new beliefs, patterns and experience the life you wish to have…

I will tell you any useful learning that comes with it to give you understanding for the future. Often I will give you something to go and work on to build and explore for yourself as this is about us both working with you on your Journey to where you wish to go.

I offfer you sessions at the convenience of your mobile phone or skype.

I give help with relationships, (work, lovers, partners husbands, wives), “experiences”, Relationship Coaching, preparing for Job Interviews and much much more.

“This form of healing was quite different from what I had read about or experienced in the past, especially via phone, so I was hesitant at first and it did prove to be definitely different but incredibly successful.
“Satya was able to resolve issues I had with a work colleague which were causing me a lot of grief and frankly, endangering my income. The resulting calm and security relieved so much angst. I’m very grateful to him.”     Nat


Australian & Overseas clients, at the convenience of your phone or skype.

I am as close as a phone call now to book your Introductory, 45 minute (half) or 90 minute (full) session.

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
  • 8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • Ph /txt/ viber 0425411545
  • skype satya.bodywhisperer

I am looking forward to assisting you on your Life’s Journey.












Satya is a versatile energy healer that does remote and distance sessions by phone or skype and is based in Australia. He specialises in Reiki healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, emotional healing and chakra healing.