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Distance Reiki Session

Welcome to the ” Satya’s World of Reiki”.

Reiki – a beautiful juicy energy to Release, Relax, Replenish and Rejuvenate using Reiki Energy Healing to “Replenish your inner Well” – feel good energy as you Release the tension and stress and pressure of your daily life, leaving you feeling more Replenished, Rejuvenated and Peaceful.

If you are new to Distance Reiki & Dynamic Distance Reiki and would like to try a very well-priced introductory session today is a great opportunity.

Perhaps you are a little hesitant and would like to get to know me more.


              Satya’s Reiki Journey and how I can help … you read on…

Since the age of nineteen people have told me I have “Healing Hands”. I began with doing “hands-on” or “in-person” treatments using healing by touch and massage to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, tiredness, aching backs, painful necks etc with my friends and extended family, however it became apparent when talking to my friends on the phone that the same changes happened for them at distance as I could “see” the changes happening for them.

My introduction to Reiki Spiritual Healing was with Reiki Master Norma attuning me to Level 1 Usui Reiki in 1989. Upon completion I was advised to “go and practice, channel yourself daily and give the gift of Reiki Treatments to anybody who was in need and ready” , and I did – enthusiastically. Six months later I stepped further into Reiki Energy Healing with Norma attuning me to Level 2 Usui Reiki. Further Enthused I set myself a “Dedication of Practice”. I was already a Massage Therapist and it seemed natural to offer Reiki Massage in my clinic along with my other intuitive Healing Skills and …

For one year I worked in a free Reiki Clinic every Tuesday night and it was there I discovered my Reiki Family. This was my dedicated family of Reiki Channels who had run this clinic for ten years of service to our community. On an average night ten people would appear between 7pm and 10pm to receive Reiki and there could be anywhere up to fifty – yes fifty Reiki Channels come in on the night. Most receivers would come for a few sessions weekly while they were going through stress periods, however often people would come to receive a course of Reiki Therapy for longer periods.

We worked with six Reiki Channels giving Reiki to each person receiving, each giver giving Reiki until the receiver has received their fill. After their session the receiver would be invited to join us for a cuppa and a big glass of warm water. While the Reiki Channeling was in process the rest of our Reiki family would have cups of tea, coffee or soup around the kitchen table and share what was going on in our world this week.

It was a fulfilling year of enjoying the company of so many other Reiki Spiritual Healers who varied from people whose single healing focus was Reiki to others who were practioners of Integrated Energy Therapy including a number who also did Reiki Distance Healing. Having discovered when much younger I could help my friends over the phone I felt encouraged to long distance healing and became highly proficient.

With eighteen years of Usui Reiki experience in 2007 I took the next step with Reiki Master, Chief Medicine Crow, Native American Shaman (to whom I was apprenticed). He attuned me to Level 3 Usui Reiki – the attunement of Reiki Masters. Master Medicine Crow also attuned me to Seichim Reiki.

These new skills I blended into my existing practice. Experience has shown me that the union of Reiki, my other Healing Skills and Shamanic practice into “Dynamic Reiki is able to assist so many more people with issues that are going on in their life so much more effectively.

Some Reiki channels just give traditional Reiki. In addition to this I am finely tuned to be able to direct Reiki to a specific situation or area(s) as requested by you the receiver. (Advanced Reiki)

Now you know a lot more about me you will be pleased to know that I offer Distance Reiki at the convenience of your phone or laptop computor at home, out and about in your car, at the beach or wherever works for you…distance healing intuitive traditional shamanic reiki energetic spiritual clairvoyant psychic healer


Overseas clients, at the convenience of your phone or skype or viber.
(Please email me for first contact).

I am as close as a phone call now to book your Introductory 30 minute, 45 minute (half) or 90 minute (full) session.

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
  • 8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • Ph /txt/ viber 0425411545
  • skype satya.bodywhisperer

You may make your payment above.

Blessings and Wellness to having your well Replenished and Rejuvenated!



Dynamic Reiki can include NeuroSkeletal Therapy

The day before yesterday …     It began with a text “Aww! Help – pain”
and after doing Distance NeuroSkeletal therapy…

Yesterday morning “ Just wanted to let you know how good your work is:  this    morning I woke feeling quite free of pain!!! Thanks a million.”

I followed up today how she is feeling and received,

                                                     “And today too I feel quite renewed Yay!!!”


Satya is an experienced and versatile Distance BodyWhisperer having had a ‘Physical Practice’ for 20 years. He is now expanded to a remote or distance practice offering to you help wherever you are in Australia, USA and UK at the convenience of your mobile phone or computer.

In your session he can address your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – a fully holistic treatment. He specialises in acute and chronic conditions, Reiki healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, emotional healing and chakra healing. Call to make your appointment now 0425411545 www.healingwithin.com.au