10 Oct

Maria’s sharing

For me, for quite some years now, I’ve been determined to retrieve all of my natural energy. This focus has put me on a path where I’ve needed to connect with many healing professionals from both the allopathic and the alternative fields.

Working with Satya has been really amazing. I consider myself incredibly blessed to be living in these times where we can avail ourselves of such ancient yet cutting-edge healing modalities. Energy healing combined with broad-ranging shamanic, psychic and intuitive practices form the backbone of Satya’s work. He has the ability to see energetically what the rest of us don’t see.

Satya is a delight to collaborate with; its very easy to feel an immediate sense of trust, respect, safety and competency. He’s been doing this work, both here in Australia, and in India, for decades now. He describes his role as a Relationships Therapist: he addresses your physical self and your inner self as well as your relationships with others. In addition to working with energy medicine, he works with advanced massage therapy and is a professional psychic. For those of us on the path of restoring our full health, including greater self-empowerment, having such competent support and assistance to release the underlying tensions using the elegant simplicity of energy, is life-changing.

Once the energy blockage is identified, he is then able to clear the client’s personal field of these impediments to wellbeing. Very often, I can feel an immediate relief from the discomfort or pain that I’ve been previously living with, sometimes for many years. The shift may take longer, days or weeks, but it does come and with it comes a greater lightness of being. This lightness produces more available life force for me.
This work is profound. It is also transformative. Life will never be the same again!