30 May

superiority/inferiority inner dialogues

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Today’s Pearl:

Why do we seem to flow with some relationships at home, at work, at play and challenged by others?

I see many different causes as I work with clients, however today I’m focusing on a particular set of inner dialogues that many of us run.

It’s the inner stories we run in our subconscious that “drive the bus” – create the framework of our behavior.

This can play havoc with our boyfiend/girlfriend, partner/partner, or husband wife relationships.

Today the focus is on Female superiority, male superiority, female inferiority, male inferiority, Feminine superiority, masculine superiority, feminine inferiority, masculine inferiority.

I have seen that we may run any combination of these as we move in and out of our masculine and feminine in the many roles we have in daily life.

I suggest that the optimal place to come from is ‘masculine / feminine equality’ , feminine / masculine & ‘male / female, female /  male equality’ where both are regarded as equal and different in their own way and that our own inner masculine and feminine are in agreement.

Balancing this can bring about dramatic changes in our relationships.

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