24 Jan

Attracting the ‘One’

The big Question … How to find the perfect partner, your ideal partner, a conscious partner or a life partner?
There is a common denominator – whatever it is we emanate is what they respond to and what they emanate is what we respond to. (remember ‘love at first sight’ or ‘having a feeling for someone”)

But what availability, what does this actually mean for you personally?

What would it look like if you found it in a man, a woman or yourself?

Does availability to you just mean a man or woman who is not married/partnered/committed to another woman or man? or does it mean

Heart available?

Geographically available? (e.g. live in the same city / suburb verses distance romances)

Intellectually available?

Sensually available?

Sexually available?

and Trust Availability

What are the availabilities that are important to you? Make a list in preparation for your session.

The best way to determine what wasn’t available and what you want available is history.
Make a list in preparation for your session.

To do the change and no longer repeat the repeating patterns of the past. I can help you.

I suggest to you that if you wish to attract an available man you too must either hold or embody  THE AVAILABILITY IN YOU. (remember “The Law of Attraction”) and “Be the change you want to see in the world”

When you consciously create those availabilities in you then you radiate “I am available to available men or women with these characteristics…    (and I am energetically congruent with these characteristics)  these are the men or women who are then attracted to you and you to them. This is attracting, being the beacon and choosing an available man or woman with specific qualities.

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This is what Mary texted me the day after a session

“Hey Satya, That was a big shift yesterday as when I went out today everyone on the street was looking at me and I’m underdressed for a Newtown character, believe me, so it’s the energy I’m holding not what I’m wearing.”

We live in an age that is ‘fast’ where we don’t want to spend years looking for “Mr or Ms Right” or “The One”. We often use internet dating or agencies to assist us to meet him or her much sooner and have more enjoyable years together. The work I do with women, with men, (with couples when you get together) can assist you too to choose to attract the available men who you wish to attract.  I can help you.

What I am offering you is an opportunity to refine / fast forward you to where your dream is being fulfilled.

 I can do help you with these processes wherever you are in the world  using phone/ skype / whatsapp.
My phone number +61 0425 411 545  If you are ready Call me now.
… If you are not ready Call me now and I’ll assist to come into readiness ph +61 0425 411 545.


Satya, Life Growth Coach, Clairvoyant, Advanced Intuitive, Body and SpiritWhisperer

“I am so glad to have discovered your healing ways.

The improvements I have felt to my core are quite remarkable. In one session in the space of 10 minutes, I gained insight into my psyche that would have taken many months in therapy to achieve.

I can also say that without your help my marriage would not be the wonderful union it is today. At a time when we were very close to permanent separation, you brought us back together.

I have recommended you to so many people and my new gift to friends is a session with you (what a gift).

Thank you.